Ser Wyndryck Manderly is the younger brother of Lord Weiland Manderly, Castellan of the New Castle, Master of Arms of White Harbor, and Lord Commander of the Knights of the Order of the Green Hand. He has sea-blue eyes and bald, shorn hair, with a bushy blond beard and a stern gaze upon his face. He is an experienced soldier, and a veteran of several wars. While his older brother Weiland is Lord of White Harbor, some murmur that he might be nothing without Wyndryck, his loyal right hand. He is known as a blunt man with a quick temper who has a stern and harsh exterior, but a soft spot for his nieces and nephews.

In his youth, Wyndryck once married a Lady of a Northern house. The couple were happy for several years before the Lady became pregnant, losing his wife during the birth of his daughter, Wynafryd Manderly. It is said that Wyndryck has never smiled since the loss of his beloved, and though he had a prominent name and house he chose not to marry again, rather putting his efforts in to his duties as Castellan and Master at Arms of White Harbor, as well as being the Lord Commander of the Knights of the Order of the Green Hand, the last remaining knights who can claim membership in the order since King Mern IX Gardener burned at the Field of Fire during the War of Conquest.

Wyndryck was a model soldier, but a lacking father. The death of his wife caused Wyndryck to bear a fair amount of resentment towards his daughter Wynafryd, who was raised and cared for mostly by Lord Weiland and Lady Lyarra Manderly in her father's absence. In the year 371, Wynafryd Manderly was married to William Forrester. The wedding was said to be a lovely affair which occurred during a great and plentiful spring, yet Ser Wyndryck was said not to have attend even though the rest of the Manderly family did. Wynafryd has lived in Ironrath ever since.

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