Wylie Manderly was the daughter of Lord Weiland Manderly and identical twin sister of Wenda Manderly. She died aboard the Redwyne pleasure barge *The Lady Fortune* in 378 AC.

Wylie Manderly bore a slender appearance with deep blue eyes and natural blonde hair which she dyed green like her sister's. Like her father at a young age she was rather bookish and introverted, quiet and rather shy and preferred to keep to herself, though when provoked she would thoroughly speak her mind. She was known to particularly love the woods and forests of the North when she was able to visit Winterfell and Ironrath, as she rarely had the chance to see the outdoors living most of her life in White Harbor.

Wylie was known to be well read and rather proper and ladylike in her mannerisms, in contrast from her sister Wenda, taking much from her mother, Lady Lyarra Manderly. Waylie was known to have a deep love of the teachings of philosophers and great minds of the world, and her naturally shy mannerisms were known to have been dropped when a chance for intellectual conversation presented itself before her. It is for this reason that she developed a very close bond with the Maester of White Harbor, Maester Melwyn, even when others might consider him eccentric.

Her normally reserved and quiet attitude was known to change drastically when involved in a quarrel with her twin sister, Wenda. Nevertheless, the two sisters were very close and such quarrels usually end up being petty and are often forgotten the next day, to the surprise of some who might see the Manderly sisters' loud and sometimes even violent quarrels for the first time.

Wylie Manderly passed away in the year 378 when the Redwyne pleasure barge *The Lady Fortune* disappeared the night before her arranged marriage to Ser Paxton Redwyne of the Arbor. Ser Paxton, herself, and all aboard were presumed dead, assumed by House Manderly to be an accident at sea caused by the carelessness of Redwyne sailors. Ser Paxton and Wylie were said to get along well, and make a very happy couple.

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