Willem Manderly, fourth son of Lord Weiland Manderly, is squire to Ser Daven Lannett! He likes books and reading, and one day he's going to be the greatest knight in the Seven Kingdoms!

Past Stuff! Edit

Willem Manderly is pretty young, unfortunately, so there's not much here. However, he hopes to fill these pages with tales of legendary exploits people will sing of from here to Asshai!

Willem was born kind of unexpectedly, or at least Lord Weiland says so whenever he drinks to much. All his brothers and sisters are way older than him, so he mostly had to find ways to amuse himself.

For a long time, he never showed much of a physical side. He didn't really like getting smacked around in the practice yard, so he read a lot instead. One day, though, he realized the best way he could be of service to the realm was to be a Knight!

Oh yeah, and he kind of beat up some dockyard orphans a while back. And he's super sad about his sister Wylie's disappearance.

His father Lord Weiland set him up right away with Ser Daven, and now they're out to save the world, kill dragons, save a princess attend a tourney!

Willem entered the joust at the Oldtown Tourney under the guise of a mystery knight named the Black Muskrat! Unfortunately, he lost in the first round to Roger Storm.

Right now, he is following Inquisitior Godwyn Strong and his teacher Daven Lannett to King's Landing, in order for the Lords Baldric Baratheon and Rodrik Stark to answer to charges of treason, which he is completely sure will be proven to be a huge misunderstanding!

Timeline! Edit

  • 367 AL- Willem is born
  • 372 AL- Training sessions with Wyndryck starts.
  • 375 AL- Willem and Wylie get their portrait drawn by Wayla.
  • 377 AL- The War of the Dockside Orphans.
  • 378 AL- Disappearance of The Lady Fortune, Wylie and Maester Melwyn assumed dead.
  • 380 AL- Sent to squire for Ser Daven Lannett after extensive Manderly searching.

Family! Edit

  • Ser Wyndryck Manderly(Leadership) - Brother to Lord Weiland Manderly
  • Lyarra Manderly(Administrator - Wife of Lord Weiland Manderly
  • Maester Timmons(Benevolence)- Maester of White Harbor
  • Ser Wallace Manderly(Ambidextrous) - First born, son and heir of Lord Weiland Manderly
  • Wayla Manderly(Benevolence) - Second child and first born daughter of Lord Weiland Manderly
  • Waymar Manderly(Strong) - Second son and third child of Lord Weiland Manderly
  • Wenda Manderly(EDITED 5/6/2016- Was incorrectly set as Martially Adept for Wenda's gift, her gift should be Duelist) - Fourth born of Lord Weiland Manderly and identical twin sister of Wylie Manderly
  • Wylie Manderly(Deceased) - Fifth born of Lord Weiland Manderly
  • Maester Melwyn(Deceased) - Former Maester of White Harbor.

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