Wenda Manderly is the second daughter of Lord Weiland Manderly and identical twin sister of Wylie Manderly. Like her twin sister once did, Wenda stands at five foot ten with deep blue eyes and her athleticism has lead to her having a slender yet toned figure. Her hair is naturally blonde yet dyed green, as was her sister's in the tradition of Manderly females.

Wenda has always been more of a "tom boy", preferring more traditionally masculine activities such as hunting, archery, and even swordplay compared to the traditionally courtly and ladylike upbringings of many women. Knowing his niece's propensity for such activities in her youth and that it might hinder her from finding a proper husband in the future, her uncle Ser Wyndryck Manderly  convinced Lord Weiland Manderly to grant his daughter a deal to help curb her more ruggish and tomboyish side: If she showed more interest in ladylike and courtly matters, she would be allowed to train with a sword, and carry one with her.

It was a deal she accepted, and she has carried a sword on her belt ever since as a matter of personal pride, even when wearing the fineries of a lady during courtly matters. The sword itself is a castle-forged blade forged by the smiths of Qohor, slimmer than most with a slight blue hue to the steel of the blade and appears made for a woman's hand; The crossguard of the blade stretches down towards the pommel, shaped in the form of a dove's wing which seems to caress the pommel and grip of the blade, almost bearing hints from the design from the style of swords of the waterdancers of Braavos.

Like her father, Wenda is known to have quite the temper at times, and can be quick to rash actions when she is angry. She was known to quarrel often with her identical twin sister, Wylie Manderly. However, the two were always exceedingly close, and whatever argument or quarrel between them which some may see erupt in to loud shouting matches and even occasional violence was always put behind them by the next day. It is known that she took the death of her twin sister particularly harshly, even more so than the rest of the family.

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