Ser Wallace Manderly is the first born son of Weiland Manderly, Knight of the Order of the Green Hand, and heir to the New Castle. He is considered by some to be handsome, with short-cropped brown hair, a finely shaped goatee, and sea-green eyes which appear to have a light-heated nature to them, though his tone is polite and with just the right hint of seriousness to it when need be. Although Ser Wallace is an Knight of the Order of the Green Hand in the Light of the Seven, in private he has converted to the Old Gods of the North, the faith of his mother Lyarra Manderly.

Wallace was raised from birth to be the Heir to White Harbor, a role which he took to naturally and seems almost born for. He is a charismatic man who wins friends easily, and is popular with the smallfolk due to his friendly ways and charismatic personality. He is considered an exceedingly chivalrous knight, exemplifying everything that a knight of the Order of the Green Hand should be. He is known to wield two swords in battle.

He has often in the past assisted Master Timmons of White Harbor with his pursuits in assisting the sick and injured of the smallfolk of White Harbor, only adding to his prestige and popularity of all within the city. As a result of this, the two have become fast friends and allies over the two years they have known one another, and even as the Lord Weiland Manderly overlooks the good Maester's words fairly often, the Heir of White Harbor keeps his wisdom close to heart.

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