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Victor Tyrell is the current Lord of the Reach. He has reigned since the death of his father in the year 365 AC. He is a widower.

History Edit

Victor was born in 353 AC after the War of the Shadow. He spent his early years in Highgarden often spying on his Grandfather and Uncle Garth while learning from his mother and father. An inquisitive boy, he often treated his family and household retinue in kind with gestures of kindness. An initial worry surfaced that the boy may have been too soft and talks of sending him to Tarly were made. Instead, Gwayne had decided to send the boy to Storm's End to learn under the hand of Lord Baratheon.

While under tutelage of Lord Baratheon, Victor would become good friends with his heir and child. It is said that when news of his father's death surfaced, Victor changed gravely. He had become much more serious in his training and desired to become stronger. When he returned to his uncle and regent, Luthor Tyrell, many remarked his time under the care of Lord Baratheon had made him ready for Lordship. With Luthor by his side, Victor managed to successfully win the respect of most of his Reachmen at the first Council of the Rose he held after resolving a dispute between two minor lords. He would later lead a host of men and crush a band of brigands that formed in the absence of a strong lord.

At the age of nineteen, Victor wed a childhood friend named Rhonda Ashford. At the age of twenty, they expected their first child with much anticipation. Unfortunately, there were several complications during the birthing and Rhonda and their daughter wouldn't survive the night. Victor, heartbroken, went into mourning, and did not entertain any offers of marriage after this.

Recent Events Edit

News would reach Victor of King Viserys III Targaryen being on his sickbed and news that he was expected to die within the fortnight. Worried about the succession crisis that may have followed, he had received a letter from his old friend, Lord _____ Baratheon suggesting a betrothal between Victor and his sister. Seeing it as an opportunity to cement an alliance, Victor agrees.

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