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Bio Edit

Tytos was born into house clegane as the second born son. As a young man he received a knights education and training but instead of spending more time with the Master at arms he spent it with the Maestar and steward.

He was knighted by his father and Tytos set off to Learn the skills of a scribe and the logistics of war which in his mind would better serve his family cause. While his father and brother met with Officials he would spend nights with the soldiers and levies inspiring the men with his Leadership.

His Father insisted on him learning the swords use but Tytos would rather like to be less knocked around so he took up the bow and now trained in his archery skills cause why fight in close combat when his men could do that while he filled the enemy with arrows?

His Father wanting his sons to be great knights permitted Tytos to make a small mercenary company of One hundred volunteers from the local villages and soldiers and set out to make a name for himself and his family.

Tytos resides in Clegane keep commonly when off duty.

Recent Activity Edit

Currently marching to Kings Landing

Timeline Edit

-Born to his dad

-Learns his skills which he uses in life

-Becomes Knighted

-Founds the Howling Dogs

Family Edit

Father: Dagon Clegane

Brother: Ser Daric Clegane

Bastard: Gregor Hill

NPCs Edit

Baldrick- Maester, Gift: Administrator.

Gregor Hill, bastard, Gift: Duelist

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