Tybolt Lannister is the third child and final son of Ellyn Lannister and her husband, Damon Brax. He has five siblings: Stafford, Kevan, Martesse, Meredyth, and Myrcella.

Apperance Edit

Tybolt resembles his uncle, Jason. He has long, golden hair, and carries himself with the air of a bard. He is charismatic, and looks like a charmer. He is beautiful, with deep green eyes and a square jawline.

History Edit

Tybolt was born in Casterly Rock in 358 AC. He was not allowed to see his mother until 364 AC when she seized power from Tytos Kenning. He accompanied his mother in her journey across the Westerlands, and grew to have the soul of a poet. He charmed many a woman with his skill in wordplay and the lute, and continues to utilize that skill to this day.

Recent Events Edit

380 AC Edit

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