The maesters are an order of scholars, healers, postmen, and scientists who are trained at a school called the Citadel, which is located in Oldtown. House Hightower was integral in the Citadel's foundation, and continues to patronize the order. They are sometimes called "the knights of the mind."

Grand Maester Edit

The Grand Maester is currently Harrold (/u/coronarytrees), previously Maester at Sunspear and Archmaester of Medicine and Healing. They were preceded by Grand Maester Elston, who died in 351AC.

At the Citadel Edit

Archmaesters Edit

  • Black iron (ravenry) - Archmaester Arvyn - /u/themaesterymachine (previously Archmaester Imry)
  • Brass
  • Bronze (astronomy)
  • Copper (history) - Archmaester Leo - /u/easpaig
  • Electrum (astrology)
  • Yellow Gold (economics) - Archmaester Kromley (murdered in the streets of Oldtown by an unidentified assailant.)
  • Iron (warcraft) - At some point an Archmaester of Warcraft trains Luthor Tyrell in the way of Logistics within warfare.
  • Lead
  • Pale steel (smithing)
  • Pewter
  • Platinum
  • Red gold
  • Silver (medicine and healing)
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Valyrian steel (magic and the occult)

(Archmaester Selwyn - speciality unknown)

Maesters Edit

  • Abelar - a kindly man who is most commonly associated with the teaching of acolytes in the arts of Healing. He watches over an autopsy performed by Owen Swyft.
  • Alexander - originally of Tyrell descent.
  • Damon - An unorthodox, to say the least, Maester who has a gift for anatomy. He has a dark and sinister reputation. /u/Ser-Patrick
  • Lothor - an older colleague of Perestan.
  • Ordello - an originally Essosi man who has proven himself to be a capable inventor - /u/Johngotrp.
  • Perestan - currently working to manage the great libraries of the Citadel. - /u/Peltsy
  • Randyll - a colleague of Perestan and one of his best friends.
  • Robert - he buys some rare books from Rodrik Stark

Acolytes and Novices Edit

  • Archibald - A young novice who greatly admires Archmaester Leo.
  • Hallis - Hallis and Larence are currently studying for their silver link, under direction from Maester Abelar.
  • Larence - Larence and Hallis are currently studying for their silver link, under direction from Maester Abelar.

The Crownlands Edit

Castle Stockworth - Maester Tytos

Driftmark - Maester Garrick

Dun Fort - Maester Godric

Griffon's Roost - Maester Benjen

King's Landing (Under service of House Talyn) - Maester Kaenic

Rook's Rest - Maester Ronas

Stonedance - Maester Lorent

Dorne Edit

Ghost Hill - Maester Torrom

Hellholt - An unnamed Maester who has been kidnapped by Orros Uller

High Hermitage - Maester Hugor

Skyreach - Maester Rickard

The Tor - Maester Alleras

Yronwood - Maester Aron

Wyl - Maester Tybolt

The Iron Islands Edit

Hammerhorn - Maester Erich

Pyke - Maester Lucimore

The North Edit

Barrow Hall - Maester Lewys

Bear Island - Maester Goddard

Cerwyn Keep - Maester Rodrick

Deepwood Motte - Maester Haryld

Highpoint - Maester Edwyle

Ironrath - Maester Veramyr

Oldcastle - Maester Allard

The Rills - Maester Ryfred

The Lands of the Norrys - Maester Zakar (previously Maester Robert)

White Harbour - Maester Timmons (previously Maester Melwyn)

Winterfell - Maester Edric

The Reach Edit

Bitterbridge - Maester Humfrey

Brightwater Keep - Maester Tommen (previously Maester Lewis)

Coldmoat - Maester Gormun

Goldengrove - Maester Janos

Greenshield - Maester Stevron

Highgarden - Maester Matthos

Honeyholt - Maester Creeger

Old Oak - Maester Symeon

Oldtown (Hightower) - Maesters Robard and Kirth

Oldtown (The Starry Sept) - Maester Jaime

Starpike - Maester Lyle

Tumbleton - Maester Dunnan

Uplands - Maester Eustace

Whitegrove - Maester Leo

The Riverlands Edit

Harrenhal - Maester Elwood

Raventree Hall - Maester Osmund

Riverrun - Maester Poul

Stone Hedge - Maester Edwyn

The Stormlands Edit

Blackhaven - Maester Mandon

Bronzegate - Maester Jonothor

Evenfall Hall - Maester Christor

Greenstone - Maester Rupert

Harvest Hall - Maester Brynden

Stonehelm - Maester Branton

The Vale Edit

Egen Keep - Maester Robin

Heart's Home - (Previously Maester Broyle)

Longbow Hall - Maester Edric

Pebble - Maester Hubert

Redfort - Maester Ellendor

Runestone - Maester Willum

The Eyrie - Maester Wendell

The Westerlands Edit

Banefort - Maester Torman

Casterly Rock - Maester Creysen

Castermere - Maester Edwin

Cornfield - Maester Locus

Crakehall - Maester Tim

Feastfires - Maester Mandon

Payne Hall - Maester Allard

The Crag - Maester Gawen

[House Garner - Maester Sandor]

The Wall and Beyond Edit


Other Edit

Upon The Flying Dornishman - Maester Boremund

Amongst the Stormcrowns - Maester Preston

Somewhere within the Blackwood Vale - Maester Vayon

An unnamed maester how teaches Eldora, a commoner, before he dies.

In the employ of Sallarion Saan - Maester Davros

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