The Neck is one of the southernmost regions of the north. Covered in swamp and bog, it divides the north from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.[1] West of the Neck is a large forest and a peninsula containing Flint's Finger, the Flint Cliffs, and Cape Kraken, while to the east is the Bite. North of the Neck are the barrowlands, while to the south are the Twins, Seagard, and the Cape of Eagles in the riverlands. The Green Fork of the Trident originates in the Neck

Landscape Edit

The Neck is inhabited by crannogmen, who are led by House Reed of Greywater Watch. It contains huge flowers, lizard-lions, and many snakes. The trees are half-drowned and covered in fungus, and beneath the water, quicksand will drown anyone who attempts to walk the waters.[3] The Neck is considered the key to any assault on the north.[4]

The kingsroad passes through the Neck. Due to the difficult terrain it becomes the narrow causeway, which is the only safe route to travel through the swamps of the Neck during times of peace. At the northern end of the causeway stand the formidable ruins of Moat Cailin.

Current Inhabitants Edit

Few people live in the Neck, but some have established holds and settlements within the swamps.

House Blackmyre - Blackmyre

House Quagg - Quagg's Mire

House Reed - Greywater Watch

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