The Cabal of Light and Dark is the collective name for all those under the employ of Archmaester Arvyn, responsible for respectable roles including, but not limiting to, message transmission, buying and selling and resource management. They are also sometimes involved in illicit tasks which in the past have included theft, bribery, extortion and assassination.

Only a couple of members, namely Coal and Lustre, know the true identity of their employer. The other members know them simply as Raven.

Origins Edit

The name originates from the naming scheme used by one of the first members in a previous group whilst situated in Braavos. So that no single member could betray all the others' true identities to the authorities, monikers were given, each inspired by the theme of Black and White, a recurring occurrence within Braavosi culture. This tradition was adopted by Arvyn when he started to expand his spy rings, something that necessitated an increase in members.

Amongst other skills, members are taught numbers and letters as to better allow them to perform their required roles.

Members Edit

Generally, members that work predominately in public and as such are often associated with the licit aspects of employment are given names associated with the colour white and/or light. Despite this however, it is not uncommon for members to work on both sides of the spectrum.


The Sigil occasionally used to identify the acts of the organisation. It may, for example, be chalked onto a wall to indicate a drop-off point, or direct members to an intending meeting location. It is not uncommon for different members to use different variations of the sigil.

Known white/light members:

Conversely, those members associated with and/or specialising in illicit operations are given names associated with the colour black and/or darkness.

Known black/darkness members: