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Appearance Edit

Stannis Selmy is 6’4” tall with wide shoulders, long arms and legs and a lean muscular build. He has average looks and has short black hair and usually keeps heavy stubble on his cheeks. He has a variety of scars on his face from fights, some from battle and some from tavern squabbles.

History Edit

Stannis Selmy was born in 352 AC to Lord Simon Selmy and Lady Alysanne Selmy, first cousins who married in a love match. He grew up much like any other lordly heir. When he was old enough to start training with weapons he gravitated not towards swords like most boys, but blunt weapons , using warhammer or mace as his mood suited him. Studying with his Maester and helping the stewards around the castle he found he had a talent for logistics. When he was but ten and two, the War of the Seven Banners broke out and he followed his father as his squire during the Third Landing. At the battle of the skirts he foolishly tried to enter the fray where fighting was heavy and was wounded several times on the face, leaving scars. During the war his father tested him with the commanding of men and he found he had a gift for Leadership. He was knighted near the war's closing. After the war Stannis grew idle as he developed a taste for fighting and warfare. He turned to drink, spending so much time at it he became a drinkmaster and was a connoisseur of rare wines and fine ales. During his time in taverns he has picked up a few scars here and there, a couple on his face.

Stannis is fiercely devoted to his family, especially his bastard brother Dickon Storm. His mother died while birthing his youngest brother Barristan.

Recent Activity Edit

Timeline Edit

  • 352 AC Stannis is born.
  • 358 AC Stannis begins his lordly education and starts to develop his skill with logistics.
  • 360 AC Stannis starts training with blunt weapons.
  • 364 AC He accompanies his father to the War of Seven Banners as a squire, is wounded at the Battle of the Skirts.
  • 364-368 AC He finds he has a gift for leading men.
  • 368 AC He is knighted.
  • 368-380 AC He starts drinking and becomes a drinkmaster, gains a couple new scars in tavern brawls.

Household/NPC's Edit

  • Lord Simon Selmy Gift: Administrator
  • Ser Raymun the Small Gift: Berserker
  • Maester Brynden Gift: Administrator
  • Ser Daryn Selmy Gift: Leadership
  • Ser Barristan Selmy Gift: Martially Adept
  • Ser Dickon Storm Gift: Berserker
  • Ravella Selmy Gift: Beauty
  • Bowen Storm (Squire) Gift: Martially Adept

Family Edit

  • Lord Simon Selmy (330-Present)
  • Lady Alysanne Selmy (D. 362 AC)
    • Ser Stannis Selmy (352-Present)
    • Ser Daryn Selmy (355-Present)
    • Ravella Selmy (360-Present)
    • Ser Barristan Selmy (362-Present)
    • Ser Dickon Storm (360-Present)

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