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Soot is an ex-slave that works as a thug and enforcer in both Oldtown and King’s Landing. During the day, he works as an assistant for Horello Vollahran.

He is a member of the Cabal of Light and Dark.

History Edit

Born on the Golden Head of the Summer Isle of Jhala, Xhallathar was taken by slavers at the age of six, transported to Gogossos, considered by some to the tenth Free City, for sale. Catching the eye of a slaver from New Ghis, he was transported once again, further from his home.

He served as a slave, involved in the construction of lavish temples for the queer Gods of Ghis and exuberant homes for the equally odd wealthy residents of the city.

During a brief uprising during the sixth moon of 362AC, Xhallathar managed to smuggle himself aboard a departing trader ship, uncertain of its destination. Upon its arrival at Pentos, he managed to find a life assisting merchants shifting their cargo in return from a meal and a couple of bronze coins.

One day in 371AC, he assisted Horello Vallahran, a Tyroshi trader, who offered to take him to Westeros, considering his strength and life experiences to be valuable assets.

Since then, he has served Horello, both aboard The Vermillion Maid and on the shore. Over the years he, like Horello, has grown quite wealthy, and as such, has recently commissioned the production of a ship of his own, The Golden Head.

He is known to the other members of the Cabal of Light and Dark as Soot.

The Golden Head

The Golden Head, a trade-carrack.

Recent History Edit

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