The Slaughter of the Septry was an event in the year 300AC following the trial of Cersei Lannister by the High Sparrow. After the uncovering of Robert Strong as a demon born of black magic, riots broke out in the city, starting at the trial itself. Civilians mobbed the massive knight, who slew dozens before finally being destroyed.


Cersei Lannister herself now stood to be on trial before the High Sparrow and the Faith for multiple crimes, including the murder of the last High Septon. Choosing a trial by combat, her champion emerged in the form of a new, silent Kingsguard referred to as Ser Robert Strong.

It was shortly after these events that Lord Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle were murdered brutally by an unknown assailant. Due to the chaos that would soon follow, their murderer would never be found.

Margaery Tyrell’s trial ended with a declaration of her innocence, as the judgement of the Faith had discovered the accusations against her were false due to the confession of one Osney Kettleblack. Rather than return to the Red Keep, Margaery elected to remain under the guard of Randyll Tarly’s men until the return of her father.

The Trial by CombatEdit

Cersei’s trial by combat began after this, with Robert Strong facing a Ser Baelor Sunglass of Sweetport Sound. The Ser found himself unable to connect his attacks at the enraged Strong, who at one point was said to shatter the ground with his unnatural strength. The Ser was mortally wounded during the engagement, but not before managing to strike at Strong’s helm.

A shocked gasp followed, yet despite such an attack, the giant continued to lumber after him. In his throes, Baelor managed to thrust his sword through the giant’s helm entirely, leading many in attendance to scream and shriek. Is said that the giant removed Baelor’s sword and black blood spilled out onto the ceramic floor below. He then stomped Baelor’s head in much to the dismay of the people in attendance.

The High Sparrow claimed the trial unfit and the Cersei’s dabbling in the black arts was of the highest offence, declaring she should be sent to hell immediately. Sparrows began to attack Robert Strong who slaughtered many by the wholesale. During this event, many fled from the grounds, including Cersei herself. Strong was brought down later by an anonymous grave digger who had sliced off his left leg before leaving.

After Robert was burned upon a fire to cleanse his body of the dark arts, The High Sparrow would claim his own war upon the Lady Lannister and her bastard son. These events would be called The Slaughter of the Septry and the following riots were an unpleasant consequence. King Tommen, who had been awaiting his mother at the gates of the Red Keep, was injured by rioters throwing rocks at the gold cloaks escorting Lady Cersei. Cersei locked herself in the Red Keep, forbidding entry to anyone.

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