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Lord Beren Oakheart is the current Lord of House Oakheart, situated at Old Oak in the Reach.

Appearance Edit

Beren has strongly masculine features: a firm brow, dark hair and beard.

History Edit

Beren Oakheart was born in 335AC to Lord Walder Oakheart and his wife Janna Fossoway.

Family/Household Edit

  • Lady Elinor Rowan, wife (41)
  • Lord Beren Oakheart (45)
  • Lyra Oakheart, daughter (20)
  • {Arwyn Oakheart}, daughter [d.362 AC]
  • {Rhea Oakheart}, daughter [d.363 AC]
  • {Myranda Oakheart}, daughter [d.368 AC]
  • Robin Oakheart, son (3)
  • Maester Symeon (60)

Recent events Edit

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