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She is a Septa currently at King's Landing helping the wounded from the Assault on the city.

History Edit

She was born at Lannisport in 357 AC, to a powerful merchant, who supported Damon Brax's actions; during her youth she was renown for her beauty, which caused to be courted by many men common and highborn alike; she fell in love with Lorent Lorch the couple knew their relationship was meant to fail since his family was a Lannister supporter and hers was not and she was not highborn either; eventhough Lorent Lorch and Lynora decided to marry in secret.

Short time afterwars Lynora's father found out about the marriage and her pregnancy; so the merchant punished his daugther physically and mentally causing her to almost abort; he also asked Damon Brax to strip Lorent Lorch from any succession line to his house.

After months of punishment Lynora gave birth to a boy who was not named since he was not considered part of the family and as soon as Lynora and her baby were able to travel, her father decided she and her baby would be given to the Faith of the Seven for a life of service, believing maybe in that way she could save her sould and also mantain the family's pride.

On a rainy knight on the last days of year 363 AC a retinue of armed people left the merchant's villa with Lynora and her baby with them and on their way to Lannisport's main sept the group was ambushed by Lorent Lorch, Tytos Clegane and Sandor Hill, the three men killed most of the guards and took the baby with them; but when Lorent Lorch asked Lynora to come with them she replied she had to pay for her mistake refering to Pate and devoting her life to the faith was the best one.

After those events not much is known about Lynora's life but she appeared again recently, this time in King's Landing helping the wounded from the assault on the city.

Recent Events Edit

  • 380 AC - She moves to King's Landing to help treating the wounded from the fight.

Quotes Edit

"I have to be punish for my mistake and devoting my life to the faith is the best way to do it; take him take that mistake with you..."

Lynora talking to Lorent Lorch about Pate.

"The only woman I have ever loved and the only one who has abbandoned me; and my son reminds my of her so much it makes everyday harder and harder..."

Lorent Lorch talking about Lynora.

"I think she was a whore..."

Pate talking about Lynora

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