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Samwell Swyft is the younger brother of the current Lord of Cornfield, Lord Owen Swyft.

He is the secondborn son of the previous Lord Hugo Swyft and his wife Genna Lefford. He has a twin sister, Victaria Swyft.

History Edit

Samwell was born in 361AC, a few short minutes after his twin sister Victaria. He has grown into the archetype of a typical knight, strong and capable with a range of arms, shaped by his father and the Master-At-Arms of Cornfield, his uncle Quenton Swyft.

Recent History Edit

Samwell travelled to Oldtown by boat with his father to take part in the Great Tourney. He missed the melee but arrived in time to partake in the joust. He was eliminated early on in the tournament, predominately due to his heavy drinking the night before.

At the celebration at Lannisport, Samwell dances with Joanna Lannister.

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