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Appearance Edit

Average Height, 5'11", orange-brown hair, light beard, and exceptionally white teeth for the age. Stormy grey eyes chiseled into a healthy Northerner face, that is, if you could see past the horrific scarring.

History Edit

Roderick of House Mormont was borne on Bear Island in 355 AC to Jeor Mormont and Jean Tallhart. He was fourth son and sixth child of Jeor and Jean. From the beginning Rodrick excelled at Martial activities, besting those older and more experienced then him.

Not the most popular Mormont, Rodrick would spend ,most of his time in the wilderness of Bear Island, teaching himself to Hunt (which he especially enjoyed with a Bow) and Survive.

One such outing didn't prove so positive when Rodrick attacked a bear thinking himself strong enough to take the beast alone. The bear mauled his face, permanently scarring it. He only got away with his by climbing up a tree and waiting until it left. The deep gashes you can now see wrapping around his entire face (also cutting off the top of his left ear) are entirely repulsive, taking a truly special person to ignore them.

As time went on his older brothers shunned the woods Rodrick loved preferring sailing, like there father. One dreadful day his brothers and father were having one of their regular boat outings, and storm stole up and destroyed their ship. The bodies were never recovered. Thus the mantle of lordship fell to Rodrick.

The new lord of Bear Island went through the motions of being a lord: marrying, governing, having children, but through it all he yearns to return to the woods.

Recent Activity Edit

Timeline Edit

355 AC - Rodrick was born

367 AC- Rodrick was attacked by a bear

370 AC - Rodrick becomes Lord

375 AC - Rodrick marries Lisa Ryswell

376 AC- Rodrick has twin sons, Eyan and Edric

379 AC - Rodrick has a daughter, Maryann

Family Edit

Jeor Mormont d. 370 AC

Jean Tallhart b. 325 AC

Eddard Mormont d. 370 AC

Jon Mormont d. 370 AC

Eyan Mormont d. 370 AC

Jeyne Mormont b. 337 AC

NPCs Edit

Ser Philip Cassel b. 340 AC - Master of the Garrison - Gift: Berserker

Podric b. 376 AC - Bodyguard to Rodrick - Gift: Strong

Ser Rodger Stout b. 368 AC - Marshal - Gift: Leadership

George Flint b 320 AC - Master of Spies - Gift: Agent

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