Robin Bemore is the current Lord of Strongsong. He is the twin brother of Sharra Belmore.

Appearance Edit

Robin is a handsome young man, with brown hair, hazel eyes and slim built.

History Edit

Born 363 AC, Robin Belmore inherited a great deal from his parents. A twin, the gods cast him and his sister Sharra a cruel hand. Robin was born with the beauty his sister could never attain, while Sharra knew the ways of the blade that fell deaf upon her brother's hands. Robin could charm half the men and women in Westeros, while Sharra quickly rose to defeat every challenger in Strongsong. Their parents recognized it, yet saw it as a gift from the gods, not a curse. They saw it as the gods telling them that their children would be unique, a duo that the rest of the world would not expect.

Lord Denys and Lady Lya, the parents of Robin and Sharra, had invested their life knowing people. Small people, important people, weak people and skilled people. They had made it their work to figure out the inner workings of whomever they needed to know. They made it their hobby to exploit the knowledge that they gained, weaving a tapestry of secrets known only by the two of them. Upon silk wires they had tread throughout their lives, playing the dangerous game of spies and whispers.

Denys and Lya, while visiting a man who would oversee a new group of spies, were assassinated in the Riverlands. Not a person in Strongsong could figure out the name of the killer, nor why he had targeted the two.

Months later, though, the man their parents were visiting presented himself to the twins, calling himself "The Confidant". He knew of their lives, the work of their parents, yet they knew nothing of him. He told them that they had inherited the web that their parents had worked so long to weave.

Three years ago, tragedy befell them. Three years ago, Robin and Sharra had their parents' work thrust upon them. Three years ago, meeting a man who kept his identity known only to himself, they vowed to unveil the mystery behind their parents murder.

Timeline Edit

·        363 AC - Robin and his twin Sharra are born.

·        377 AC - Denys and Lya are assassinated in the Riverlands.

·        377 AC - Robin and Sharra are approached by the "The Confidant"

·        380 AC - Robin and Sharra travel to Oldtown to watch the tournament where he is knighted; Cedric Sunderland becomes his squire.

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