Bio Edit

Robert was born to Lord Barristan Buckler and Lady Cassana Baratheon in 362 AC. Robert came as a surprise to his family, as he was born ten years after their first son, Ralph. Robert came into the world kicking and screaming, and he grew up wild and unruly.

His father, Lord Barristan, left to fight in the war of the Seven Banners when Robert was but a boy of two. Lady Maria spent all her time with Ralph during this time, directing him and aiding him in the governance of Bronzegate.

As a result, Robert grew up without much supervision. Were most noble children would only fight fellow nobles, he would fight whoever would accept his challenge, earning himself a good few bumps and bruises, but valuable experience all the same.

By the time he turned twelve, Robert was already used to receiving and dealing out punishment. With any weapon in his hand, he was easily able to beat the other children, showing how naturallyadept he was with arms. It mattered little what the weapon was, Robert would beat the living daylights out of you with it.

As he grew, he became deadly in one on one combat. Over time, his experience and skill developed into something more profound. Robert’s skills progressed and flourished, and he was soon known across the Buckler lands for his combat expertise.

On his eighteenth nameday, Robert was knighted by his father for displaying such natural skill at arms. He stood vigil inside a sept, prayed to the gods all night long, and emerged at dawn a knight of the seven kingdoms.

Timeline Edit

  • 362 AC- Born
  • 364 AC- Father goes off to war
  • 368 AC- Father returns home.
  • 374 AC- Begins training with arms
  • 376 AC- Brother marries Shyra Errol
  • 377 AC- Nephew Henry born
  • 380 AC- Is knighted by his father

Family Edit

NPCs Edit

Lord Barristan Buckler 55 (Leadership) Father, lord of Bronzegate

Ser Ralph Buckler 28 (Leadership) Brother, heir to Bronzegate

Ser Wallace of The Wendwater 21 (Martially Adept) Friend

Cedrik Storm 39 (Voice) Master at Arms

Maester Jonothor 25 (Agility) Maester

Daniel Waters 13 (Ambidextrous) Squire

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