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Robard Locke is the husband of Lady Isfryd Thenn and the cousin of Lord Jon Locke of Oldcastle.

Appearance Edit

Robard is built like a warrior; tall and well-muscled. His brown hair and auburn beard frame his face and keep him warm in the frozen North.

History Edit

Cousin of Lord Jon Locke, grandson of the great warrior Owen Locke. Robard had a lot to live up to and was Martially adept, and in a family of warriors had to grow up fast and be the best to match them. Robard though more than proved equal of his cousins Rickon, Ondrew and Bennard, soon mastering at Swordplay, though never at jousting. While he did stay close to his elder cousins however, he found he never quite fitted, and did not approve of with a young Jon Locke. Eventually, he found Oldcastle too mind numbingly small for his taste, and went south to partake in tournies (to some small acclaim) and then on to Essos, in search of riches.

Robard spent 5 years there, and never spoke of what he had to do to for Lysa Locke.

Returning in 375, weary and tired of his life, he found new found appreciation for family, and for Oldcastle..especially in lady Lysa's arms. He did not approve of Lord Bennards behavior however, not after what Robard had seen done in war. He grew closer to Jon, whom he did duties on behalf of, whilst also winning many melees wearing Lysa's favor. When Bennard died, Jon made Robard castellan.

Now though, duty calls, and Robard finds himself away from Lysa, and en route to Shadowhearth, and the lady Thenn...

S04E08 - Grenn & Pyp

Robard clad in fighting leathers

Recent activity: At a war council by Lady Thenn, Robard comes out opposed to the fighting. When Lord Cerwyn questions his motives, Robard reveals what it means to be a solder..

Later, it is revealed that he has won an admirer-lady Isfyrd Thenn herself. They marry, and plan on how to avoid war.

At the Council of the north summoned by Rickard Stark, Robard takes center stage trying to unite the North around Rickard-the only candidate who can avoid taking the North into war. In angry confrontations, he threatens and assaults Lord Roger Ryswell. Bloodshed is only stopped by his wife. He reluctantly makes amends, and compromises on a regency and further council, where both Rickard and Rodrick Stark may present their claims.

He later bonds with his wife at Shadowhearth and helps resolve an age old boundary dispute

Recent Events Edit

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