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Quellon Wynch is the youngest brother of Lord Waldon Wynch due to a sickness he suffered from childhood which nearly killed himself, he decided to dedicate his life to the Drowned God but that same sickness made neurotic, bad-tempered and a bit crazy, believing he can talk directly to the Drowned God which has cause the Ironborn to believe he is their deity's prophet.

Appearance Edit

Quellon is almost bald, but he has brown hair and blue eyes; his body is slim and he has two tattooes around his eyes. He garbs himself in roughspun robes dyed in the green, grey, and blue of the Drowned God.

He laughs at anyone and in any situation, and tends to interrupt people to tell them the messages the Drowned God gives him. He is smart and enjoys studying every person he meets.

His temperament make him easy to anger. He believes he was sent to this world by the Drown God himself to help his people return to the right way, the way of the Ironborn.

History Edit

Quellon was born in 345 AC; when he was a 10 he was infected by a strange disease after being beaten by a wolf during a raid in the north, a disease he fought for days until he gave up; believed to be dead (though he had just entered a coma) his family and many Ironborn lords went to his funeral during which he woke up in front of everybody making them believe him to be a living proof that **What is Dead May Never Die**, afterwars he underwent a spiritual reawakening, and dedicated himself to the worship of the Drowned God, of which the Ironborn believe him to be his prophet.

Recent Events Edit

  • 379 AC - He prophetized the raiding on the Arbor was to be succesful unless the King of Salt and Rock had promised the raid to the Storm God

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