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Pitch is a smuggler, thief and spy that works in King's Landing, specialising in transporting goods with secrecy through the city thanks to her extensive knowledge of the catacombs running below the streets.

She is a member of the Cabal of Light and Dark.

History Edit

Living most of her childhood as an orphan, Jayne relied on begging scraps of stale bread and gristly meat from the more generous merchants of King's Landing. As not to outstay her welcome and potentially lose her source of food, she quickly learnt to move across the city, sourcing items from different streets each day.

It was during this time that Jayne learnt of the extensive network of catacombs stretching underneath the streets of King's Landing, soon spending her days exploring them before emerging each evening in search of a meal.

Over the course of the years, she gained an considerable appreciation for the tunnels, learning of secret entrances and exits, extending both inside and outside the city.

Through her knowledge, she started to generate a reputation as a capable smuggler, and despite multiple attempts by the City Watch to catch and detain her, none have been successful as of yet. Disappearing back into the catacombs at the first hint of complications or trouble, she is capable of quickly displacing an isolated Gold-cloak lost in the dark.

Her talents have led to her being recruited by the Cabal of Light and Dark, an organisation under instruction from Archmaester Arvyn. She is known as Pitch to her fellow members.

Recent History Edit

During the siege of King's Landing, Pitch worked transporting small packages of goods in and out of the city using knowledge of hidden entrances outside the walls.

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