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Piran Blackmyre is the younger sister of Tergon Blackmyre, the current Lord of Blackmyre.

Piran and Tergon are the last two remaining living children of Adrak and Falia Blackmyre.

History Edit

Born in the first moons of 357AC, shortly after the death of her older sister Maege during a fishing trip, Piran is the last born of the children of the Lord at the time, Adrak.

Following the tradition of crannogmen being capable hunters, she often went with her father on his journeys into the Neck to catch fish and birds, becoming an excellent archer like her father and brothers before her.

She continues to hunt for the people of Blackmyre to this day, and has begun to teach her niece Kaila about the best ways to lay traps for game, fish in the mires and shoot a bow.

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