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Pearl is a brothel owner and spy that works in Lannisport as a spy and informant for Archmaester Arvyn. She runs The Golden Mine.

She is a member of the Cabal of Light and Dark.

Character & Appearance Edit

Mysie is a beautiful woman with soft, white skin, light-blue eyes and auburn hair. A woman with deep eyes it is said not even eunuchs can escape from her charm.

She is well-mannered and educated, having learned how to act courtly in order to appease and deal with the great amount of lords who seek their service.

History Edit

Originally working as a whore in Oldtown, Mysie, already renown from her looks from a young age, decided that she wished to make a name for herself in another field of work, moving to Lannisport from Oldtown in 375AC.

She became quickly disappointed with the harshness of Lannisport's reality however, and was forced to turn to her past expertise for employment. Becoming popular with local patrons due to her uncommon beauty, Mysie soon made the brothel owner's profits rise significantly, prompting him to raise her to owner upon his death in 377AC from a bout of shaking sickness.

Her connections and range and status of customers have made her a valuable asset of the Cabal since her induction in 380AC.

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