Orys Baratheon is the son of the current Lord of Storm's End, Baldric Baratheon, and is his heir. He has a sister, Lyanna Baratheon

History Edit

Orys Baratheon was born near the end of 368 AC, to Myranda Penrose and Baldric Baratheon, following his father's return from the War of the Seven Banners in the first moon of 368.

He exhibits all the traits of a trueborn Baratheon: black hair, blue eyes, and a natural talent for martial pursuits. He has squired for his father since he was 8, training additionally with the captain of the Storm's End guard, Ser Beric Hasty. Orys is a natural with any weapon, though he prefers a sword just like his father, though a close second would be a tie between the bow and the spear.

Recent Events Edit

Orys traveled with his family to Oldtown to celebrate the end of the winter. During the welcoming feast, Orys met and befriended several people, including one Rymar Caron, whom convinced him to ask his father to allow him to enter the archery contest of the Tourney. His father would relent, and though Orys would not win the competition, many would applaud the lad for his attempt and will do accomplish something.

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