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Onyx is a spy and messenger that works in Oldtown. Her main role is identifying and meeting with potential new associates of the Cabal, and directing them to an appropriate location so that an agreement between both parties can be obtained.

She is a member of the Cabal of Light and Dark.

History Edit

Myriah was born in 312AC to a baker and his wife, the fourth of nine total children. Quickly inducted in the family business, Myriah would work at the store front, her sweet nature attracting customers from across the city.

In 334AC, after an evening in a brothel, her father Ralf caught the pox, which he quickly passed onto to her mother Janie. Within the turn of the year, both had died, leaving Myriah and her many siblings to fend for themselves.

Although the bakery continued to function, it was quickly apparent that it was not generating the amount of income it had under the leadership of her parents, and as such the family found themselves slipping into difficulty.

A year later, Myriah discovered that her father had bolstered the income of the business by working as a smuggler, transporting illicit items within the sacks of flour that were used for production of breads and pastries. Following the deaths of two of her siblings from malnutrition, it was decided that they would continue to take after their father, and so Myriah found herself introduced to the criminal underworld of Oldtown.

In 368AC, she was inducted into the Cabal of Light and Dark.

Recent History Edit

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