Nute Greyjoy is the brother of Lord Roryn Greyjoy, and the son of Torric the Blackhand and Mara Sunderly. He currently serves as Lord Commander of the Iron Fleet, a position bestowed upon him by his brother after his return from a brief exile. He boasts three trueborn sons - triplets - and two acknowledged bastard sons, though only one yet lives. Countless other sons and daughters share his blood, though neither his name nor his attentions.

History Edit

Nute Greyjoy is the younger brother of Roryn Greyjoy, the Ironshod. He too was born in Pyke to Torric the Blackhand, and spent many of his early years trotting after his elder brother, always at his side. The two were close even in boyhood, growing up together as close friends and confidants. When Roryn came of age he declined his father's offer of being made Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet in favour of his brother, who he thought would fit the position better - a position Nute has held since that day, for nearly forty odd years.

When it came to light that Nute had known of Urron Greyjoy and Andrik Harlaw's feud, Roryn decided to exile him for a period between one and three years. The act was hard, but it served to appease the Harlaws and to remind Nute of where his loyalties lie. Nute left willingly - though he would take young Urrigon Greyjoy with him, raiding together in the Narrow and Summer seas for a quarter of a decade.

Recent Events Edit

Nute returned home nealry seven years ago - having turned around once word and come that his exile had been lifted and he was free to return. With Urrigon now back as well, it seems as if all the Greyjoys have finally come home to roost.

Family Edit

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