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Myranda Penrose is the wife to Lord Baldric Baratheon and with him had Orys and Lyanna Baratheon.

Appearance and Character Edit

Myranda is fair in complexion and has dark brown hair and eyebrows. Very pink and full lips and hazel-green eyes.

History Edit

Myranda was born to Lord Gawen Penrose and Lady Tyana Selmy. Her father was very close to the former Lord Steffon Baratheon and had become acquainted with her lieges children, and became quite good friends with Lady Jocelyn. Myranda did not like to sit there as an entirely submissive Lady with no brains, and her parents invested in her, and her siblings, education. And even after the completion of her studies, she did not stop digging further. She went as far as to thoroughly reading about different religions, some books on war and strategies, business, history and the likes, she also played a lot of cyvasse, and still does(mystic and cyvasse).

Just before the departure of all the men for the war, there was a feast for the men. During the feast the two Lords, Penrose and Baratheon, seemed to chat a lot and the revelation of what they were so keenly discussing was pleasing to all, or at least most. The announcement of the betrothal between Myranda and Baldric was made during the feast. In fact, that exact night, Myranda lost her maidenhead to Baldric(he was scared so she was like ‘eh might as well give him something to look forward too’).

During the war, Myranda was sent to Storm’s End because her parents believed she was safer there. This action made Myranda rather annoyed, she didn’t want to be seen as a poor little damsel. So Myranda sought out someone who would be willing to teach her how to defend herself. Since she could not exactly wield a weapon, she went for unarmed combat.

After the War of the Seven Banners, Myranda and Baldric married and nine months later they had their first child, Orys, and two years later, Lyanna.

Now she’s chilling at Storm’s End.

Recent Events Edit


 Timeline Edit

  • 351 Myranda is born.
  • 364 She is betrothed to Baldric and they get their freak on.
  • 365 She is sent to Storm’s End.
  • 368 Marries Baldric and some time later Orys is born.
  • 370 Lyanna is born.

 Family Edit

  • Baldric Baratheon - Husband/Alive.
  • Myranda Penrose - Bombassmomma/Alive.
    • Orys Baratheon - Son/Alive.
    • Lyanna Baratheon - Daughter/Alive.

NPCs Edit

  • Household characters.
  • Her babies.

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