Mortin is a smallfolk Hedge Knight travelling the world.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Mortin was born on the fifth moon in the year 349. His father was a smith and his mother died in childbirth. His father was a stern man who wanted that Mortin made something of himself. He started teaching Mortin how to fight at the age of 6 and beat him or yelled at him when he made a mistake. Over time his father saw Mortin favored Blunt Weapons and he trained him solely in that category. Mortin finished training with his father when he was 13. His father got him to squire for a hedge knight named ser Brynden. Brynden was an older hedge knight who was as stern as his father. He never yelled at Mortin but he smacked him on the head from time to time.

Mortin was 15 when the War of the Seven Banners started. He and ser Brynden fought in it. It was at he Battle of Corpse Lake that Mortin showed himself to be a promising warrior. He was noticed by a sergeant. He saw the bloodthrist in the young squire's eyes and taught him how to torture men to get information. A skill the sergeant found to be quite beneficial for a soldier. Mortin fought at The siege of Myr and The Battle of Myr Harbour. The last battle Mortin fought was The Second Battle for Redstone. Where his mentor Ser Byrnden died by several arrows to the chest. Mortin survived however and was stuck in the holdfast of king Viserys until The Slaughter of the Rocks. After the battle a different knight who was impressed by Mortin's fighting abilities knighted him on the spot.

After this Mortin served as a Goldcloak for several decades until 2 years ago when Mortin was kicked out because he almost beat another Goldcloak to death in a fight. He traveled back to the Riverlands only to find out his father had passed. Enraged by everything that had happened to him Mortin decided to become a hedge knight and during this time he learned how to survive of the land. Now Mortin has run out off the money he made during the war. The anger that has been brooding in him has finally been unleashed and now, Mortin seeks money and blood.

Timeline Edit

349 AC: Mortin is born

355 AC: He starts his training

362 AC: Mortin becomes a squire for Ser Brynden

364 AC: At the age of 15 Mortin fights together with Ser Brynden in the War of The Seven Banners.

365 AC: The Second Battle for Redstone, ser Brynden dies.

366 AC: Mortin gets knighted.

378 AC: He gets kicked out off the Goldcloaks

380 AC: Mortin begins his quest for money and blood.

Recent events Edit

380 AC Edit

Mortin has traveled towards Aegor Targaryen's host in the hope he could fight for him.

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