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Ser Mero Prestayn is a knight and former bravo from Braavos.

Appearance and Character Edit

Standing at a fairly tall six feet, Mero is lean and somewhat muscular. He has short orange hair and a light beard. He has lilac purple eyes, a trait inherited from one Valyrian ancestor or another. His skin is light and somewhat reddish, though has become more tanned with travel. Mero usually dresses in a typical bravo's fashion, all colourful and filled with varying patterns and embroideries.

His accent is somewhat noticeable, though he has gotten rid of most of it over the years he spent in Westeros.

History Edit

Mero was born to Ternesio and Lanna of house Prestayn, a noble merchant house from Braavos. He was born a second son, and therefore an unwanted son. Growing up, he was left to his own devices, his parents not caring about him much. As his older brother Brusco was always expected to inherit, Mero was never groomed for stewardship or any other duties that merchants have to do.

Recent Events Edit

380 AC Edit

  • Befriended Polliver Payne and received a Band of Blue token from him.
  • Knighted by Laenor Waters at the jousting tourney.


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