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Ser Mathis Frey was Lord Frey’s elder brother and Aegor Targaryen’s appointed knight of the Kingsguard. He is the current wielder of Wolvesbane, House Frey's Valyrian steel blade.

Appearance Edit

Mathis had short brown hair and a well kept beard. He was healthy and vigorous, visibly fit and youthful for his age. He was severe and reserved, his expression as neutral as a statue's. If he were more cheerful, he might be considered quite handsome.

History Edit

Mathis was taken on as a page at the age of seven by Prince Aegor Targaryen. He would later become the prince's squire, sworn sword, and appointed knight of the Kingsguard.

During the Second Storming of the Dragonpit, Mathis defended Aegor's life by blockading a narrow hallway with the corpses of rioting peasants. He was knighted for his valour and given his family's Valyrian steel sword, Wolvesbane.

In the War of the Seven Banners, Mathis participated in Aegor's landing, fighting and slaying Prince Salassor of Pentos in single combat, contributing to the Crown victory at the Battle of Corpse Lake.

Mathis was appointed to the Kingsguard in 368, after Ser Duncan of Bitterbridge perished in the second Battle of Redstone. Mathis was assigned to Aegor after he had intimidated King Viserys III Targaryen into accepting the transfer.

Recent History Edit

380 AC Edit

  • Accompanied Aegor Targaryen to the tourney in Oldtown.
  • Did not participate in the tourney
  • Narrowly duelled the heir to Winterfell
  • Watched the heir to Winterfell get his hand mangled by Aegor
  • Was stripped of his White Cloak by King Viserys III
  • Was privy to Aegor's treasonous council
  • Informed on the the treasonous lords who presented themselves at the council, but lied about Aegor's involvement to save him (from himself)
  • Coerced the Lord of Winterfell to corroborate his story
  • Joined the Royal Inquisition under his former brother-in-arms, Ser Godwyn Strong of the Kingsguard
  • Accompanied Godwyn and a group of lords (Stark and Baratheon) along the Roseroad to King's Landing, before being turned on by those same lords and their guards
    • Lead the spearhead of the inquisition's charge against the treasonous lords, cutting a man's head clean off but losing an arm himself
    • Spent his last moments going mad with pain as the Lord of Winterfell tortured him on the side of the road
    • His last words were "For the King!"

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