Martyn Lannister is a member of House Lannister. He is the third son of Ser Kevan Lannister and Lady Dorna Swyft. He was passed over for the seat of Casterly Rock, and instead became a landless Lannister in Lannisport.

History Edit

War of the Five Kings Edit

Martyn played a small role in the War of the Five Kings, taking part in the Battle of Oxcross where he was captured by then King Robb Stark of the North. After his twin brother Willem and cousin were murdered by Karstark men, King Robb tripled the guard around him and eventually brokered a trade for a Glover. Martyn was escorted by a Spicer to Lannister forces awaiting his arrival at the Golden Tooth.

War of The Rock Edit

Martyn attempted to gather men to take his birthright, the Rock, back from the appointed, up-jumped Lord Tyrek. The war lasted little over a year and ended with Martyn being sent to the Wall where he lived out the rest of his miserable days being a steward.