He is the owner of the Port's Inn one of the biggest and most popular around Pyke and Lordsport; he is a member of "The Circle" under the command of The Informant.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall, bald man with a big belly; joyful and sarcastic he enjoys relating with his costumers and with the ladies working at the Inn even allowing them to work as prostitutes for part of what they charge.

He is always carrying a dagger.

History Edit

Born at Pyke in 337 AC from a smallfolk family who was loyal to their liege Lord Greyjoy; he spent his childhood serving a highborn family from Pyke but luck knocked on his door and when the daughter of a powerful merchant and his family were staying at Lordsport, Maron got involved with the woman and that same night he killed her family so she would inherit his lands.

Recent Events Edit

  • 380 AC - He joines "the Circle"

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