Maester Timmons is the recently appointed Maester of White Harbor, serving for only two years in his post. He is in his early thirties with a small, lithe frame, gentle features, and a soft voice. Having served in his post for two years since the death of the previous Maester of White Harbor, Melwyn, the city of White Harbor is his first post since officially earning his chain. He is skilled in the medical sciences in particular.

Though he strives dutifully to live up to the place of the Maester who raised Lord Weiland Manderly as his protege of sorts, he realizes he has rather large shoes to fill, and due to his youth his advice is often overlooked by Lord Manderly who, along with his wife and his brother, are well more aware of the intricacies of the trade dealing of White Harbor than Maester Timmons, though the Lord of White Harbor is typically polite to the young Maester. As a result, he is rather shy and quiet.

Nevertheless, after taking up the previous role of the handling of the crypts of White Harbor from the previous Maester, Melwyn, Maester Timmons grew to have a soft heart for the sick and dying.

Thus, he often used the spare time he had to apply his medical knowledge from the Citadel to the weak and sickly of White Harbor, free of charge, hoping that he might save lives and prevent more bodies from joining the crypts of the city.

His actions were noticed by the heir of White Harbor, Ser Wallace Manderly, and even though Lord Weiland Manderly often pushed Maester Timmons aside, Ser Wallace would recognize his wisdom for what it was, and the two became fast friends in the two years since Maester Timmons has been assigned to White Harbor. Thus, though his wisdom may be overlooked by many important figures of House Manderly, due to his medical skills and the cameraderie of Ser Wallace Manderly and his charismatic tongue, Maester Timmons is widely loved and regarded by the small folk as a kind and generous man.

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