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Lyra of Myr is the lover of Daeron Targaryen. Together the two have a bastard child, Ayrmidion Waters.

Appearance Edit

Lyra has the features of a Lyseni; a platinum-gold set of lock but a pair of glowing green eyes, as green as the jungles of the Summer Isles.

History Edit

Lyra was born in Lys to a wealthy merchant with ties to the ruling family. In the early years of her childhood, her father died and her mother took her and her siblings to Myr where they had a few relatives to take care of them.

During the Westerosi siege of Myr, Lyra came into the service of Prince Daeron Targaryen. The two formed a bond, taking quickly to each other. When the war came to an end, Daeron had her shipped off to King's Landing where she'd work in the kitchens until Daeron returned.

She gave birth to Ayrmidion in 369 AC, marking the end of her days as a kitchen wench. Once the revelations surfaced that this boy was Daeron's, Lyra was put into the service of Jaehaera Targaryen, Daeron's wife, as a handmaiden.

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