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Lyonel was born on 345 AC, the fourth born child of the late Lord Kevan Spicer. He owns a tailor business with locations in Castamere, Casterly Rock, and Lannisport.

Appearance Edit

Standing several inches above six feet, with a slim build, Lyonel features a stylish mane of dark wavy hair, friendly hazel eyes, and well-trimmed facial hair.

History Edit

With the firstborn groomed to be heir, the secondborn an accomplished knight, Lyonel, the third son, opted to continue the long tradition of Spicer merchants. He didn't have much of a gift for sewing, but he did have an eye for talent, so upon recruiting the best tailors from Westeros and beyond, including his own niece, Janei Spicer, he has built a successful business.

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