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Born in 345 AC, Lucan never knew his mother. His father would later tell him that she died in labour. Lucan spent his first few years in Pentos before accompanying his father on business. His father, Harmond, was a low level merchant, and travelled to many of the Free Cities. On these travels, Lucan learned how to navigate the lands of Essos, and would come to know almost every nook and cranny of it. However, his apprenticeship was cut short by the War of the Seven Banners.

Lucan was drafted into the Pentoshi forces at the age of 18 and quickly proved himself to be a capable and intelligent soldier. It was obvious that he was a natural leader, and was given a small unit of men to command. Lucan led a series of successful raids on the Westerosi supply lines, springing traps from hidden positions then quickly disappearing. Lucan and his men were present at the Battle of Corpse Lake against Aegor Targaryen. The battle ended in disaster for the Pentoshi forces, fortunately Lucan managed to escape the field with minimal injuries.

His father would not allow him to continue his apprenticeship when he found Lucan was infertile. So, after the war, Lucan became a mercenary, leading some of the men he had previously fought alongside with. In the following years, the number of men he commanded grew, and Cleos made sure to teach himself the logistics of providing arms, armour, food, water, and sanitation for him and his men. He believed a well organised army would always operate more efficiently and fight more effectively. He and his men fought for many of the Free Cities in a number of skirmishes, always looking to improve their strategy. For the past five years, Lucan has been employed by Qohor, and has formally named his company the Black Lions after the black armour the city provides him.

Recent Activity Edit

Timeline Edit

345 AC - Lucan Born 353 AC - Lucan travels with his father around the Free Cities 364 AC - Fights in the War of the Seven Banners 369 AC - Forms mercenary company 375 AC - Employed by Qohor

Family Edit

Harmond, his father

NPCs Edit

Bennard the Bloody - Lieutenant and long time friend Gifts - Berserker Xanas - Lieutenant originally from the Summer Isles Gifts - Vitality Donal Ironfist - Company blacksmith from Qohor, expert at his craft. Gifts - Autodidactic Jeyne - Lucan's lover Gifts - Beauty Garin Redmouth - Long time rival of Lucan Gifts - Martially Adept

200px-Knight of black army

In armor.

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