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Lorent Lorch was born in 341 AC, He is a member of House Lorch and a knight in service of House Lannister of Casterly Rock; he is known as "The Jackal" for his ruthless methods to get things done.

Appearance Edit

Lorent is a man of average height, described as having big eyes and a scar on the left side of his face. He is regarded as a cruel, simple and small man.

History Edit

He took part along his father Ser Amory Lorch in subduing any support Tytos Kenning could have among Lannisport's merchants during the events which lead to the Raid on the Rock; during this time he fell in love with Lynora, a daugther of a merchant, eventually getting married without the knowledge of the women's father.

When Lynora's father found out she was married and pregnant, she prohibited to see Ser Lorent forcing her to become a Septa and demanding to Lord Damon Brax, whose actions the merchant had supported, to punish the knight; this caused Lorent to be stripped of his succession rights which fell to his younger brother Amory who died a couple of years after; and the son product of such abomination was to be given to serve the Faith; this caused Ser Lorent to start drinking in order to forget his missery, during this time he met Sandor Hill and Tytos Clegane, which encourage him to get back what was his.

On the night Pate and Lynora were to be given to the Faith for life service, the three men assaulted the group; killing most of the guards and taking Pate with them, but when Lorent asked Lynora to come with them she refused saying she had to pay for her mistakes and joined the Faith being a Septa now in King’s Landing.

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