Jory Glover is the second son and the youngest child of Lord Robett II Glover and his wife Sansa Umber. He is the brother of Master Rodrik Glover, Aurelia Glover, and Alys Glover. He is currently his brother's heir, as he is without children.

Appearance Edit

Jory has dark brown hair that is cut short and has a clean-shaven face and dark brown eyes. He is lean and muscular from training in the yard and has a broken nose from a past fight involving a stableboy.

History Edit

Jory Glover was born the youngest son and child of Lord Robett II Glover and his wife Sansa Umber in 363 AC.

Unlike his brother Rodrik, Jory excelled in combat and martial training. His brother meanwhile, excelled in the political world that he was to be a part of as the heir to Deepwood. And once he left for Winterfell to be a ward of the Starks, he knew that his life in Deepwood would far lonelier than he wanted.

More to be added when I get to it.

Recent History Edit

Cregard Ryswell insults both his sister Alys and Jory Glover. Jory then spits fire at his cousin, before walking off with swagger.

Jory arrives at the Rills and gets to know Alys Ryswell better.

Jory is confused by Eddara Ryswell.

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