Joanna Crakehall was the wife of Lord Tyrek Lannister and was the matriarch of House Lannister. She had three children with Tyrek: Hyle, Ellyn, and Jason.

Appearance Edit

Joanna was a comely woman, and was said to resemble Tyrek's first wife, Ermesande Hayford. It was because of this that Tyrek married her. In her age, she grew to be impoverished, and was downtrodden, especially upon the death of her son, Hyle.

History Edit

Joanna was born in 324 AC and was fourteen years old when she wed Lord Tyrek Lannister, shortly after her father revealed her at court. Their wedding was a grand affair, with every Westerlands Lord in attendance. She was quickly with child and proved fertile, giving Tyrek three children: Hyle, Ellyn, and Jason, in years 338, 339, and 342 AC.

Joanna was later made infertile by Lord Tytos Kenning, though the truth of it was not revealed until after her death.

She died in 357 AC, three years after Tytos forced the abdication of Jason Lannister, of a sickness. It was not known whether or not she supported Tytos or Ellyn. Rumour has it that Joanna was the mistress of Lord Tytos, though Ellyn has firmly suppressed these rumours.

Quotes about Joanna Edit

"Little is oft spoken of the fate of my mother. After Tyrek’s death, her preservation relied upon Hyle and Jason, and she did her best to support them. Despite that, she was more or less politically inept, and unable to aid whenever necessary. Joanna died in 367 AC following my rise. I was not informed until a year later. She was laid in the crypts, beside the statue of my father.

I wonder why she did not support me, however. Had she become incapable? Or had she been bribed in some terrible fashion? As is the fate of most women, she was wed at ten and four. But she loved her children, and I foremost among them. I can not help but feel that Tytos abused her in some twisted fashion. For her, and for father, I have given them vengeance so that they might rest easy." - Ellyn Lannister

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