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Hugo Swyft was the previous Lord of Cornfield. He married Lady Genna of House Lefford, their marriage yielding three healthy children, the current Lord of Cornfield, Owen, and the twins Victaria and Samwell.

He died during the Oldtown tourney whilst competing in the joust.

History Edit

Hugo Swyft was born in 323AC to Lord Jaramy Swyft and his wife Genna Brax. His siblings, Joanna, Jeyne and Colmar followed shortly after.

Aware that one day he would be Lord, Hugo was taught from a young age not only to be skilled at arms, but also with people. When the time came, he proved to be a capable Lord, praised by noblemen and smallfolk alike.

Recent History Edit

Hugo travelled to Oldtown by boat with his son Samwell and although he missed the melee, he took part in the joust. He progressed to the second round, in which he was unhorsed by the hedge knight Drulvik. He landed awkwardly and suffered fatal injuries. His firstborn son, Owen, succeeded him as Lord.

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