House Whitehill is a noble House from the North. Their sigil is a white pile inverted on indigo, an arch of 4-pointed stars above. They are also one of the few Northern families to follow the Seven instead of the Old Gods.

House Whitehill's words are: "Ever Higher."

History Edit

House Whitehill and the Forresters of Ironrath had been embedded in a deep rivalry for control of Ironwood for centuries. However, House Whitehill has exhausted their share.

House Whitehill emerged from the War of the Five Kings not as victors, but as men on the run. With the return of House Stark, any wars they might have wished for, any bargains they might’ve played at were all gone, and any favor they had once curried with their Bolton overlords gone with that as well. They continued, however, strong as any minor House from the North, and lost, because of all the Ironwood – their lifeblood for centuries – was gone. The lands surrounding Highpoint were battered and barren, ugly and queer. Despite that, those that lived in the surrounding villages took to tolling the land, and through that, House Whitehill survived. 

Location Edit

Highpoint is located directly north-west of the Dreadfort, approximately by a distance of fifty leagues.

Family Tree Edit

Current Members Edit

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