House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest is one of the two great branches of House Vance in the riverlands, the other being House Vance of Atranta.

They blazon their arms as quartered, a black dragon on white, two golden eyes in a golden ring on black.

History Edit

Armistead Vance was the mightiest of the Andal conquerors who defeated King Tristifer IV Mudd.

In the century after the downfall of House Justman, the Vances were among the petty kings who disputed the riverlands. The Vances of Atranta joined the Blackwoods and the Tullys in rebellion against King Humfrey I Teague. Both Lords Vance were slain in the ensuing war. Lord Robert Vancerebelled against the ensuing rule of House Durrandon, but he was eventually defeated.

The Vances joined the rebellion of river lords against Harren the Black during Aegon's Conquest.

Lord Norbert Vance squired for Lord Darry with Brynden Tully.

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