House Umber is an house that traces its founding to the Age of Heroes. Ruling as petty kings the Umbers were defeated and bent the knee to the Starks and have remained loyal since. Their house features in several legends such as the Long Night and the battle against the Nights King. A principle banner house and freind to the nights watch the house has been called on to aid the watch to repel wildling attacks in the past. Their seat is Last Hearth and their hight and strength have lead to rumors of giant blood flowing in their veins.

The current lord is Brandon Umber however he has fallen into a coma so Jon Umber is acting as lord until he either recovers or dies.

History Edit

After the Boltons were raised by the Lannisters to be the new lords paramount the Umbers joined Stannis Baratheons army and took Winterfell. After Stannis had been murdered the Umbers along with the rest of the Northmen marched on the Dreadfort and Mors Crowfood accompanied Jon Snow in hunting Roose down. House Umber also participated in the War for the Dawn however all those who returned refused to speak of it.

House Umber participated in the fighting against the Sons of the Kraken and the Frost Uprising under the command of Rickon Stark.

Members of House Umber Edit

Brandon Umber:(B:330 AC)

Myraa Umber: (B:330 AC, D:378 AC)

Jeyne Umber:(B:337 AC)

Sansa Umber:(B:337 AC)

Mors Umber:(B:350 AC, D:378 AC)

Jon Umber:(B:360)

Torrhen Umber:(B:362 AC)