House Targaryen of Summerhall is a cadet branch of House Targaryen, a noble family of Valyrian descent that escaped the Doom. They lived for centuries on the island of Dragonstone until Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters rode their dragons in their conquest of the Seven Kingdoms.

This branch of House Targaryen was established by Prince Baelor Targaryen in the year 349AC, precipitating the War of the Shadow.

History Edit

Baelor Targaryen was the third born son of King Aemon the Jealous, who granted his son the rights and funds to rebuild the Targaryen summer palace of Summerhall. Many saw this act as a slight toward Aemon's youngest brother, Baelon, who had long desired to establish his own line in the infamous castle. When word spread that Baelor had been named it's Lord, the two brothers quarreled - an incident that proved one of the inciting elements of the War of the Shadow.

Recent Events Edit

As members of House Targaryen, this branch has been invited to the feast and tournament of 380 AC in King's Landing.

Family Edit

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