House Strickland was a noble house possibly from the Reach. The House is now extinct.

History Edit

Lord Strickland rose in rebellion with Daemon Blackfyre during the First Blackfyre Rebellion. After the defeat of the rebels at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, he fled across the narrow seawith Bittersteel and the other exiles. Four generations of Stricklands served in the Golden Company.

The Second Conquest Edit

Harry Strickland was the Captain-General of the Golden Company in the years leading up to 300 AC. Harry played an integral role as a commander of Aegon's during his conquest and bravely faced the winds of winter in a march to the Riverlands during the great civil war there. After the war, he was awarded the lands of Harrenhal, taking over after it was left dormant by the deceased Lord Baelish. He would bear a single child in his life time before himself passing away of old age.

The War of the Lords Scorned Edit

Lord Mycah Strickland, the only son of Harry Strickland, would capture Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and spark a war that would later be known as the War of the Lords Scorned. Despite having an advantage at the beginning of the war, Mycah would lose and be betrayed. Stripped of titles and land, he was executed shortly after. Houses Strong and Lothston both vied for the position of Lord of Harrenhal and both threatened violence to each other, but King Aegon VI Targaryen deemed his son Maekar Targaryen more worthy of the position, creating a new cadet branch.