House Spicer is a young noble house seated at Castamere in the Westerlands. They blazon their arms with three black pepperpots on a saffron bend, across a field of green and silver stripes.

History Edit

The house is relatively new. The grandfather of the first Spicers was a spice trader and the grandmother a maegi from the east. Their wealth led them to marry into the ancient but impoverished House Westerling. This has made the younger generation of Westerlings poor marriage matches due to being descended of upjumped merchants.

House Spicer participated in the War of The Rock on the side of Tyrek Lannister.

Location Edit

House Spicer is located at the ancient castle of Castamere in the Westerlands, previously held by House Reyne before Tywin Lannister slaughtered them into extinction.

Family Tree Edit

  • Lord Rolph Spicer, Lord of Castamere until 3XX. Formerly Castellan of the Crag
    • Woman House, Wife of Rolph
      • Kids Kids Kids
  • Lady Sybell Spicer, his sister. Wife of Lord Gawen Westerling.
    • Gawen Westerling
      • Raynald Westerling
      • Jeyne Westerling
        • Robb Stark
      • Eleyna Westerling
      • Rollam Westerling
  • Ser Samwell Spicer, his cousin.

Notable Members Edit

  • Lord Rolph Spicer, first member of House Spicer to receive a Lordship for their part in the downfall of House Stark.