House Reed of Greywater Watch is a noble house from Greywater Watch, and one of the principal families in the north. They rule the crannogmen, small men who live in swamps and marshes in the Neck.

Their arms are a black lizard-lion on grey-green.

History Edit

According to a semi-canon source, the Reeds descend from the First Men. The Reeds first swore their oaths of fealty to House Stark when the Starks were Kings in the North, thousands of years ago.

Howland Reed was one of the six companions of Eddard Stark that went with him to the Tower of Joy, and the only one that survived the fight against the three members of Aerys II Targaryen's Kingsguard. Eddard said that he would not have survived the battle if it were not for Howland. He is said to have remained in the Neck since the end of Robert's Rebellion.

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