House Oakheart of Old Oak is an old and powerful family from Old Oak in the Reach. They are among the noble houses from the Reach that can trace their descent from Garth Greenhand. As part of the longstanding rivalry between the Reach and Dorne, Oakhearts have fought Dornishmen extensively.

Their arms are three green oak leaves on gold. Their banner is thus referred to as the Three Leaves.  According to semi-canon sources their motto is "Our Roots Go Deep".

History Edit

The Oakhearts claim descent from John the Oak, a legendary son of Garth Greenhand. The petty kings of Old Oak joined the Kingdom of the Reach, the realm of King Garth III Gardener, through a pact of friendship and mutual defense.

During the War of Conquest, Lord Oakheart led King Mern IX Gardener's left at the Field of Fire. When Prince Nymor Martell sent his daughter Deria as an envoy in 13 AC, King Aegon I Targaryen rejected Lord Oakheart's suggestion to send her to the meanest brothels of King's Landing.

When Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen toured the south in 112 AC, the son of Lord Oakheart courted her.

Lord Edgerran Oakheart was known for fighting Dornishmen. Alester Oakheart and Ser Olyvar the Green Oak died at the side of Daeron I Targaryen in the Prince's Pass.

Ser Eustace Osgrey complained that House Oakheart tried to keep one foot in each camp during the First Blackfyre Rebellion.

Ser Arys Oakheart was named to Robert Baratheon's Kingsguard in 290 AC.

Recent Events Edit

  • Lord Beren Oakheart suffered a fall from his horse, leaving him bedridden for a time
  • Lyra Oakheart travelled to the Tourney at Oldtown in place of her father
  • Lyra is married to Lord Owen Swyft in a ceremony at Cornfield

Members of House Oakheart Edit

Historical Edit

  • John the Oak, the legendary founder of the house.
  • Lord Edgerran Oakheart, called "the Open-Handed", a war leader against the Dornish.
  • Alester Oakheart, who fought Dornishmen in the Prince's Pass.
  • Ser Olyvar the Green Oak, a member of the Kingsguard who fought in Dorne alongside the Young Dragon.

Current Edit

  • Lord Beren Oakheart
    • Lady Elinor Oakheart (Rowan), his wife
      • Lady Lyra Swyft (Oakheart), his daughter
      • {Arwyn Oakheart}, his daughter, stillborn (d.362 AC)
      • {Rhea Oakheart}, his daughter, stillborn (d.363 AC)
      • {Myranda Oakheart}, his daughter, stillborn (d.368 AC)
      • Robin Oakheart, his son

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